Wednesday, March 26, 2014

IT IS NOW TIME TO ACT UPON ...............

On behalf of the members of the World of Children's Literature Group I appeal to the Governing Body of the Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi to note the following points for consideration:
1. To strengthen the relationship of children with good reads, the Academy should increase its budget for publication of quality children books in all genres and enrich its library with a special section devoted to children books in all indian languages with more impetus on Hindi which is our National language.
2. The eminent children writers be encouraged to undertake the project of writing History of children's literature in all indian languages with all out support by Sahitya Akademi.
3. More and More events are supposed to be organised on national/international level to discuss and promote Indian Children Literature and if possible, a bimonthly journal may also be planned to be published by S.A. in due course which carry important articles on creative as well as critical children's literature.
4. Translation of world's modern/contemporary children literature into Indian languages and vice-versa needs to given importance with immediate effect because as of now the children's literature is getting international focus and being the apex literary body of the country S.A. should make its initiative in this direction .
5. Eminent children writers from all important indian languages be invited to form a body of consultants with other govt/non.govt.officials to work on the blue print of the future plans to link up the literature with children's education and their overall personality development. Because Children are the back bone of any civilised society .
With warm regards,
Modrtr: FB GROUP : W.O.C.L.

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